What is eXtrigo and why should I use it?
eXtrigo is a unique web service providing its users with smart social network and working environment that aspires to guide them to success using crowd wisdom in order to bring faster achievements with higher quality and success rate along with an enjoyable experience.
How it works?

For example suppose that one of our users decided to learn how to play on a guitar and he or she have no clue even how to start. In eXtrigo we aspire to already have this knowledge from hundreds of users and experts who already did it before. Using that knowledge we can:

  1. Help him to build a better learning plan - only including steps that are necessary and important.
  2. For each of the above steps we will try to automatically bring him or her with the best resources, tips, common mistakes or other helpful items, some of them it might take years to reveal otherwise.
  3. Provide a place to organize everything together.
  4. Provide Fun and more motivation using our social network 
What types of goals can I pursue using eXtrigo?
You can pursue any goal you want (as long as it complies with our terms). It can be learning new skills, self improvement, sports related, health improving or any other goal you might have. Typically we believe that in most cases as the goal is harder and more complicated to achieve the experience would be more effective and beneficial.
Can I resume or restore a goal which I started to work on earlier not on eXtrigo?
Sure you can. Filling the gap is usually not more than a 30 minutes work. Just place your accumulated knowledge into the database, it will also help you summarize and organize the things you accomplished so far. Also sharing and restoring goals that you already achieved will be highly beneficial not only for you but for fellow users as well. Remember today you help someone and tomorrow someone else will help you.
What if I'm not sure what I want to achieve?
Then we glad you are here because with eXtrigo you can easily discover what type of amazing goals other people are achieving. It would most likely get you inspired and motivated to start new goals and journeys that you wouldn?t discover otherwise.
How do I start?
Sign up, see our short tutorial and you are good to go!
Can I collaborate with my friends?
Sure, more features to make collaboration more personal and efficient for closed & private groups (for example: class mates) will be added in the future.
Who can use eXtrigo?
this service was built for anybody who needs help with pursuing his or her goals or wants to help others to do it. However in order to make eXtrigo better and due to our budget constraints we decided to launch a private beta version first. For now only visitors with authorized access code will be able to sign up to our service.
Is it free?
yes it is and currently we have no intentions to change it in the future.