eXtrigo is a unique web service trying to monetize information and communication technology in order to increase productivity, rate of success and quality of achievements.

We understand that achieving your goals might be hard and frustrating. That's why unlike many other productivity tools we're not only trying to make you remember to do your tasks, but rather trying to find the best way to do it.

We're trying to make you feel like you already know everything before even starting.

Use Case

For example suppose that one of our users decided to learn how to play on a guitar and he or she have no clue even how to start. In eXtrigo we aspire to already have this knowledge from hundreds of users and experts who already did it before. Using that knowledge we can:

  1. Help him to build a better learning plan - only including steps that are necessary and important.
  2. For each of the above steps we will try to automatically bring him or her with the best resources, tips, common mistakes or other helpful items, some of them it might take years to reveal otherwise.
  3. Provide a place to organize everything together.
  4. Provide Fun and more motivation using our social network.